If you are dealing with any kind of chronic medical condition, from thyroid issues to diabetes, allergies to arthritis, or obesity to asthma, just to name a few, then functional medicine is a way for you to get to the root of your health problem instead of just taking medicine to manage your symptoms.

Here are just a few ways you can benefit from functional medicine:

  • You will be looked at as an individual, not a condition or symptom.
  • You and your functional medicine practitioner will form a partnership, and create your treatment plan together, customizing it to your particular needs and priorities.
  • This targeted approach to focusing on your priorities can help you to see the results you want in the fastest way possible.
  • This approach is non-invasive. Instead of relying on surgery or drugs, functional medicine takes a holistic approach to addressing imbalances in the systems in your body that are at the root of your health issues.

Think of it this way: Your body is like a car—a highly sensitive machine with lots of parts that have to interact correctly with each other to function, or to drive. To keep a car in good condition or fix a problem, it’s not enough to just know about how struts or tires or brakes work—you need to know how all of those things work together.

That’s what functional medicine does. It looks at the big picture, recognizing that all of those systems are connected.

One other image that may help is to think of a tree. The roots and base of the tree are all of the things that influence your health and contribute to what you see in the trunk: the different imbalances the systems in your body can have, and the signs and symptoms these imbalances lead to. These signs and symptoms then expand out into the branches of medicine that address the body’s systems.

Functional medicine looks at the whole tree, rather than just picking off one twig or leaf. The end result is better overall health.

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