The road that led me to Functional Medicine is a very personal one. 

The road that led me to Functional Medicine is a very personal one. As a child, I had multiple illnesses—asthma, allergies, chronic nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and abnormal bowel habits.  A CT scan ruled out a brain tumor, but didn’t get me any closer to a real answer. I was sick all the time, and suffered numerous bouts of pneumonia. Holidays were often marred by illness; I can remember being sick on Christmas, and not being able to play in the snow. Sometimes my treat for having a good doctor’s appointment was a milkshake, but even that would often induce an asthma attack. I didn’t know what it was like to have normal bowel movements until I was in my 20’s.

My lifestyle didn’t lend itself to health and well-being either. I was very sedentary—overweight and physically unwell.  My three favorite things were playing video games, eating pizza, and drinking soda.  I never ate vegetables. I can remember, at the age of 12, being embarrassed because I was unable to do a push up or a pull up.   

That’s when I started to take charge of my health, and change my life. Even though I didn’t have much knowledge at the time, when I was 13 I started working out, and improving my diet. I was self-taught: I read health magazines, books on nutrition, and anything I could get my hands on about how to become stronger and healthier.  For the first time, I began to experience some positive changes in my health, but about 2 years later, I suffered a major health crisis when my appendix ruptured, and I almost died.  

My college years brought me another challenge with a back injury that was so bad I had difficulty getting out of bed and walking to class.  Conventional medicine failed to provide relief or remedy, but ultimately my back pain resolved with alternative medicine treatments. This introduced me to a new paradigm of healthcare—one that was patient-centered, and based on a therapeutic partnership with the doctor; one where the focus was to get to the root of the problem instead of just masking or managing the symptoms.  

The next step for me was chiropractic school, where I gained exposure to functional medicine and functional neurology. After chiropractic college, I spent 3 years performing a specialty in functional neurology, and took numerous courses in functional medicine.

Finally, after years of dealing with illness, it was the knowledge I gained from my training in functional medicine and functional neurology that led to a resolve of most of my chronic health problems.  

My own experience, backed up by my training, puts me in a unique position to understand how the various systems of the body are interconnected, and that allows me to effectively get to the root of the problems my patients bring to me—chronic health problems just like the ones I struggled with as a child and young adult.

My mission is to help you heal, and find a resolution to your chronic health struggles. I follow a systems oriented approach, and take time with each patient; you and I will work together as a team to get to the root of your health issue. Teamwork requires good communication, so I maintain close contact with individuals under my care, and am accessible throughout the care plan to help keep you on the right track.  

My passion for helping people heal through functional medicine has also led me to share my knowledge and experience with other practitioners, teaching functional medicine principles at the master’s level to colleagues looking to serve those with chronic health problems.  

If you are experiencing chronic health problems, or if something in my story strikes a chord with you, call or email—I look forward to helping you find the health and well-being you were meant to have. 


As you’ve seen, it’s been quite a road from my unhealthy childhood to where I am now, so…where exactly is that, and how did I get here?

I’m a fellow in Functional Neurology through the American College of Functional Neurology, and a certified Diplomate in Neurology through the American Chiropractic Neurology Board. I have completed a specialty in Vestibular Rehabilitation through the Carrick Institute of Graduate Studies, as well as specialty training in Concussion/Traumatic Brain Injury.

After I received my Bachelor of Sciences degree in Kinesiology from Louisiana Tech University, I attended Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas. There, I earned two Bachelor of Science degrees in General Anatomy, and Wellness and Health Promotion, as well as my Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. After two and a half years of intense post-graduate study, I became a Fellow in Functional Neurology and board-certified Diplomate in Neurology.

Ongoing education is really important to me, so, in addition to the degrees, I’ve received further training in spinal trauma, nutritional neurology, X-ray and posture, cervical rehabilitation, functional exercise, functional neurology, functional medicine, neurotransmitters, and spinal manipulation. My certifications include Active Release Techniques (Upper, Lower, Spine and Long Tract Nerve Entrapment), Corrective and Functional Exercise Specialist (CHEK Institute), Personal Trainer (Cooper Institute), and Optimum Performance Training for the Prenatal Client (NASM).

As I mentioned, teaching is part of my passion for bringing others to health and wellness. When I’m not with my patients, I devote my time to educating other healthcare practitioners in functional neurology and functional medicine. I provide consulting services for other practitioners, and am an adjunct professor at the University of Western States in the Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine Program. I’ve also developed and currently teach the course in Autoimmunity at the University of Western States.

I’m eager to put all of this experience and training to use helping you achieve your health goals!